Monday, October 16, 2006

MOC Grand of WA. Fall CofA

Since I am an officer in the Military Order of the Cootie-The Honor Degree of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Grand of Oregon, I thought it high time I attend one of the Council of Administrations of the Grand of Washington!
They attend in Droves at our events so fair is fair!
What fun! These guys are great and there was a lot of stories and good times shared.
I also got a look at how another Grand operates and functions and for any office that is a good thing!
I also enjoyed being in Washington, as it didn't rain until leaving, I had the chance to walk along the harbor and breath in the salt air.
We were in Westport, WA which is known worldwide for its Salmon fishing.
Though I had a Prime Rib dinner at the banquet, I heard the Salmon was awesomely delectable!
All in all it was a nice trip and a pleasure to join the Grand of Washington!


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